You can download the latest Wagby.

The latest version of R7 is R7.11.1 published on 27th April 2017.[More ...]
If you are upgrading please clear the web browser cache and try.

If you do not purchase Wagby, you can download "trial kit" right now.The contents of the trial kit are as follows.

  • Unnamed, and freeAnyone can use it.
  • Two account licenses are included.(Accounts can not be added.)
  • tutorialYou can try out all the functions of Wagby, including.
  • The scale that can be developed (the number of model items) isUp to 50 itemsIt has become.
  • Up to 1,000 data (including initial data used by the system) can be registered.
  • The operation expiration date is one year.
  • I can not connect to the external database.

Using this trial kit, you can install Wagby on your PC and practice tutorials.

After downloading, launch WagbyDesigner and execute "build" process to generate the application.The first one is "tutorialPlease try following.
To the developer kit purchaser: By applying the official license key to the downloaded Wagby R 7 trial kit, it becomes "development kit".An application ID is required for each developer in order to obtain the license key.For details, please contactResellerPlease inquire.
If you can not download the trial kit for some reason, we also provide a direct mailing service.Please apply from here.