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I will explain how to register the license key of the development kit. Please read at the time of purchase.

The downloaded Wagby development kit is "trial kit".Figure 1 shows the procedure for changing this to the official version.

Figure 1 Flow of obtaining license key

For Wagby development kit, a license key is required for each installation PC.

First, decide on which PC to install.Please install the trial kit in advance and confirm that it works.

You can also change the PC.In that case, please repeat the procedure described here again.(It will reacquire license key.)

Execute createApplicationID.bat in the installed mag folder of Wagby.

Figure 2 Execute createApplicationID.bat

When you do this, Notepad opens.This is called "application ID".Save this file appid.txt.

Figure 3 Obtaining the application ID
If the content of the application ID is "empty", Wagby can not be operated on this development machine.Installation of Java 7/8Please confirm again that it is done correctly.(It will not work with versions older than Java 7.)
The application ID will be different for each development machine.For example, if you purchased three development kit licenses, please obtain the application ID on each of the three PCs.

For Linxu, Mac OS X

Go to the misc directory and execute the installation directory is wagby 7, it will be as follows.

cd /home/wagby7/misc; ./
If executed without moving to the misc directory, an empty (0 byte) appid.txt is generated.Please disregard this because it is invalid.

We send the obtained application ID to Wagby sales partner.

The license key file "wagby-licensekey.xml" will be received from the Wagby reseller.

(One license key file will be delivered per application ID.)

The obtained license key (wagby-licensekey.xml) is placed directly under the folder where Wagby is installedoverwrite saveTo do.

Figure 4 Saving the license key

When using with multiple development machines, please save the license key corresponding to each development machine (application ID) correctly.If you register an incorrect license key, authentication fails.In this case it works as a trial kit.

The license key you register here will be for 'Development kit'.It is not a license key of "production operation".

Make sure that the license key is recognized correctly and is operating as a development kit (not a trial kit).

Launch WagbyDesigner and execute the build.If the console does not contain a red text message, it works as a development kit.

We have generated X files.
The number of lines included in the generated file is X, XXX.
The number of characters included in the generated file is XXX, XXX characters.
The total number of items in the generated store model is X pieces.
(Of these, the total number of master models generated is X, the dimensions of the summary view, and the total number of measures is X.)
The total number of items in the licensed store model is 256.

"The total number of items in the licensed store model is 256.The constraint of "is displayed only in the trial kit.

The expiration date of the development kit is one year from the date of purchase.

(Wagby maintenance contract agreement is until the maintenance term expiration date.)

The development kit will be updated every year.If the development machine does not change, re-creation of the application ID is unnecessary. Please do extension procedure with Wagby sales partner.

The procedure described here is for "Wagby R7 development machine".

When using the built-in Wagby application for production operation,Please obtain a license key for "production operation".Please obtain the application ID on the production machine on this machine (* 2) and send this to the Wagby sales partner.

(* 2) Procedure for obtaining the application ID on the production machine is different.

Even replacing wagby-licensekey.xml, it works as a trial kit

In the log of the build process "The total number of items in the licensed store model is 256.If it contains the phrase "It works as a trial kit.

The contents of the copied application ID may be incorrect.Please create the application ID again and send it to the Wagby sales partner.We will provide a new license key.

In the built application, it says "Currently working as a free version"

After logging on as a system administrator, when "Management processing> About this application" is opened, "It is currently operating as a free version."You can see the message that says.

Figure 5 About this application

This is not a problem.Applications built with development kitProduction operation license key not registered yetis.You can test the operation of the application in this state.

When starting operation, register the production operation license key in the built application.

An empty (0 byte) appid.txt is generated

This happens when running on a Linux OS, etc., if the current directory is not misc.Detail isFor Linux, Mac OS XPlease read.

Authentication fails

The license key authentication process is executed only in the same environment as the network environment when creating the application ID.For example, I used a wireless LAN when creating an application ID, but when I start up the development kit, I can not turn off the wireless LAN and connect with tethering.

To summarize, including the use of virtual OS,Network environment changesIf authentication fails.Please use it in a fixed network environment.