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We will explain the naming convention concerning Wagby's "name", details of reserved words and usable characters.

Please specify two or more characters for "length" of model name (English) and model item name (English).

For example, "i" and "c" are single letters and can not be used.

The following words are reserved words and can not be used as item names.

Reserved words in Java

Abstract assert boolean break byte case catch char class const continue continue default do double enum else extends false final finally float for goto if implements import instance of int interface long native new null package page private protected public return short static strictfp super switch synchronized this throw throws transient true Try void volatile while
Alphabet Letters are not case sensitive.Both abstract, abstract and ABSTRACT are reserved words.
In future Java, reserved words may be added.Please note.

Other reserved words

Action using (used in JSTL) application choose content css customize div (used in JSTL) empty (used in JSTL) error errorcode exception eq (used in JSTL) ge (used in JSTL) gt (used in JSTL) help hour_m id img item Jpermission_m jprincipal Name including jshparam juser label lt minute_m mod (Used in JSTL) movestep_m ne (Used in JSTL) not (Used in JSTL) now out or (Used in JSTL) pageContext request response session system Name starting with xml WEB - INF

Model name and model ID are also used as XML element names. Therefore, you can not specify characters that can not be used as XML names.

Specifically, the following rules apply.

  • The first letter can use letters such as half-width alphabets, full-width Hiragana, full-width katakana, kanji, "_ (underscore)", and so on.
  • In addition to the characters that can be used for the first character after the second character, you can use half-width numbers and so on.
  • Hankaku katakana, double-byte numerals, double-byte alphabetic characters, symbols can not be used.

For details of the characters that can be used as XML names, see W3C Recommendation of XML 1.0 ( look at.