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Using scripts, you can perform complicated input checks and check consistency (check the validity after input).

Wagby can use "server side JavaScript" which runs on the server.The grammar is JavaScript.

Figure 1 Script description field

Introduction "Business logicPlease read the description page.It explains the difference between server side JavaScript and JavaScript running on Web browser.

You can trace from that pagePreparation and operation confirmation"Model basics"We are doing a basic explanation for writing a script.

For explanation and concrete examples of input check and consistency check, see "Input check/Consistency checkPlease read.

  • This check is performed on the server side at the timing of pressing the button such as "Save".
  • The input item that caused an error has a background of red.This applies to text boxes or date/time list boxes.(The script developer needs to set Jfcerror on p.errors object.)