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This section explains how to specify the maximum number of input characters for input items.

Specify the maximum number of characters that can be entered.Input exceeding the set value can not be performed.

Figure 1 An example where only 10 characters are entered (subsequent key inputs are ignored)

In the detailed definition of the model item, set the numerical value to "input control - maximum number of input characters".

Figure 2 Specifying the maximum number of characters

Implementation details

This setting is reflected in the maxlength attribute of the input element.Example: <input type = "text" maxlength = "10">

Combined use with character count check

The behavior specified by input / @ maxlength may differ depending on the browser.(For example, in Google Chrome, you may be able to enter if you move the cursor without pressing the Enter key after entering the number in Japanese input mode, etc.)

"Character count check"Can also be used in combination to more reliably suppress input above the specified number of characters.

The repository key is presentation/displayitem/@inputmaxlength.