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I explain the layout that folds and displays the search condition column. R7.6

Here is an example applied to the customer model.The search condition field is filled in the panel.

Fig. 1 Search condition field is within panel layout

By pressing the toggle switch provided in the title section of the panel, you can fold the search condition field.

Fig. 2 Folded state


  • The folded state is remembered while logged on.When logging out, it returns to the initial setting.
  • In the example, the search screen and the list display screen are displayed at the same time, but even if this is set separately, folding setting can be done.
    Fig. 3 When the search screen is prepared independently

Select "Search" in the "Layout" tab.In "Search condition column display setting", enable "Enable folding search condition field".

Figure 4 Layout definition

Fold and display on the search screen display

When the search screen is displayed, it can be folded and displayed from the beginning.
It can be set only when "Make search condition field foldable" is effective.


You can change the title.

Figure 5 Change the title

Here is an example of changing the title.

Figure 6 Screen with changed titles