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By linking with the Address Normalization Converter (sold separately), the address can be normalized at the timing of data registration/update. You can maintain a highly searchable address with no jolt. R7.3.1

Address Normalization ConverterIs a product that corrects for "sway" of the address.

Wagby provides the function of using address normalization converter API.By correcting the fluctuation when entering the address from the screen, you can maintain high quality and highly searchable address information.

further ANORMPART By combining with the function, you can acquire the constituent elements of the address (prefecture, city, town, town area name, small letter/chome ...).

Example of execution (1) Find a zip code from an address

After entering the address, click the "Synchronize address" button to complement the postal code.

Fig. 1 Complement supplementary zip code from address (1)
Figure 2 Complement postcode from address (2)

Example of execution (2) Normalization of address

We will normalize the notation of address strings (automatically translate addresses with various notations such as Han numeric notation and variant letters to unified notation).

To do normalization, enable the check box "Make address canonicalization" in the address entry field.It is enabled by default.

Fig. 3 Normalization of address (1)
Fig. 4 Normalization of address (2)

Set "Environment> Application> Address Normalization Converter".

"Version" is "R5 (JSON)" or "R6 (JSON)".It corresponds to address normalization converter R5/R6.

In the URL, describe the web server that provides the address normalization converter service.Here, we use the same machine (localhost) as follows.

Fig. 5 Settings using address normalization converter

The next section describes how to set up the address canonicalization converter server.

Please purchase Address Normalization Converter Server Module from Wagby Reseller.

I will explain here by taking the address normalization converter R6 as an example.

Apache Tomcat settings

Apache Tomcat's siteI will get Tomcat from.We will use Tomcat 7 here.

I downloaded and expanded the apache-tomcat folder to "AnormR6Tomcat".

Setting up the webapps folder

Delete the files below the webapps folder attached as standard.

Figure 6 Delete the standard files below the webapps folder
Figure 7 Emptied webapps folder

Deploy the obtained address normalization converter server module in the webapps folder.

Figure 8 Anorm expanded in the webapps folder

Indicates the webapps folder after expansion.

Figure 9 webapps folder after deployment

Edit web.xml

Edit the anorm/WEB-INF/web.xml shown in Figure 9.(Notepad attached to Windows OS can not be used.Please use another text editor such as TeraPad.)

Edit "jmasterDirPath" appropriately.Please specify the path of jmaster which is the address master provided by the address canonicalization converter.(On Windows OS, enter two circle marks for the folder delimiter.)

Figure 10 Specifying jmaster's path

Edit catalina.bat

Edit the catalina.bat file included in the bin folder.

Figure 11 catalina.bat file

Specify the memory size at the end of the comment.

set JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx1024m -Xms1024m

Since the address normalization converter R6 requires 1 G byte of heap memory as a standard, this is specified.

Figure 12 Memory size setting

Edit server.xml

You can skip this step if address normalization converter server and Wagby's development machine are "different".

HereThe address normalization converter server and WagbyDesigner are running on the same machineWe will explain how to change the Tomcat port number of the address canonicalization converter server assuming the case.

If the port number is duplicated, server startup will fail.
Figure 13 Open server.xml

This is an example of changing the part of port number "8005" to "18005".

Figure 14 Change port 8005

This is an example of changing the part of port number "8443" to "18443".

Figure 15 Change port 8443

This is an example of changing the part of port number "8009" to "18009".

Figure 16 Change of port 8009

Activation of Address Normalization Converter Server (Tomcat)

Run startup.bat in the bin folder.

Figure 17 startup.bat file

Loading of address master starts after startup.The console has a display on the master loading.I got a message saying "Server startup in XXX ms" and it has been successfully launched.

Figure 18 Successful startup
Address normalization converters will not work properly if the address master starts without messages.Please review the setting of web.xml (the position of the address master folder).

Operation test

Open the address canonicalization converter server from the web browser.

Figure 19 Opening the Test Screen

Enter the address character string and press the "Start normalization processing" button.Please check whether normalization is done.

Fig. 20 Operation test (1)
Fig. 21 Operation test (2)

We will then test the REST API.Directly in the address bar, enter the following.(Input parameters are zip codes.)


As shown in Figure 22, if the result is returned in JSON notation, the operation test is over.

Figure 22 Testing the REST API
When using Address Normalization Converter from Wagby, we use this REST API function.