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You can select the data displayed on the list display and output the report at once.

You can select the data displayed on the list display and output the report at once.
In Figure 1, by checking the target data with the check box and pressing the "collective form output" button, you can output multiple detailed forms at once.

Figure 1 Screen for setting collective form output function

A dialog like the one shown in Figure 2 will be displayed.Click "OK" button.


Multiple Excel forms are compressed and downloaded into one zip file.(Figure 3)

Figure 3 Multiple forms are compiled in zip format file

When you unpack the downloaded zip file, you can see that it contains multiple files (selected by checkbox).(Figure 4)

Figure 4 Excel form included in zip format file

In this way, you can obtain the detailed form of each data at once.

Figure 5 Each form file

Activate "Screen> Search/List display> Button display> Batch form output button".

Figure 6 Setting to display batch form output button

Unselected is treated as "○".

In this model,Set form output of detailed displayyou need to.(This setting is ignored if form output setting is not done.)

You can select either (or both) for the output format of the batch form.

ZIP file (1 data 1 Excel book)

1 Data 1 Outputs multiple files of an Excel workbook as a ZIP file.

Constraint: Please use the extension xls for the form template.(Extension xlsx is not supported.)

Excel file (1 data 1 Excel sheet)

Output in one Excel workbook in a format of one data sheet.

In Figure 8, the output image when Excel format is selected is shown in Figure 9. In the Excel format, multiple forms data are output separately for each sheet.

Figure 9 Data is output for each sheet

Specification of "1 data 1 Excel sheet" format

  • You can select only one form.
  • This function copies the first sheet and expands it in the book.For the sheet name to be copied, the suffix "(2), (3)" is attached to the first sheet name.
  • When you click the "Open" button at the time of confirmation by "Download file" dialog, the Excel form is displayed directly in the parent window of the web browser under operation.In this case, you can not return to the previous screen.Please select the "Save" button and open Excel file after saving it to folder.
  • Please do not include figures and images in the sheet.You may not be able to open the output file.
  • From R 7.9, if the extension is xls, the print range is set for each sheet.(The sheet-by-sheet setting function of the print range does not correspond to the extension xlsx.)

Setting the sheet name of "1 data 1 Excel sheet" format7.9.1

Set the name described in "Output file name" of the form template to the sheet name.The following rules apply.

Figure 10 Setting up the form template
  • Placeholders are available.
  • Extensions (. Xls,. Xlsx) are stripped.It is not included in the sheet name.
  • You can use the special placeholder $ {sheet} only when setting the sheet name.It is a number starting from 1.Example: Customer information $ {customer_p.customerid} _ $ {sheet}

Difference between "◯" and "◎"

When both ZIP file format and Excel format are specified, the one set to "◎" becomes the default.
Figure 11 shows an example in which "◯" is set in the ZIP format and "◎" is set in the Excel format.

Figure 11 How to specify ZIP file format and Excel format

The setting shown in Figure 11 opens a dialog like the one shown in Figure 12.
You can choose between two choices, but you can see that the default is "◎" (Excel file format in this case).

Figure 12 Displaying the dialog

Combine PDF in zip format

This is the operation when "PDF" is set to "○" (or blank) in "Setting to display batch form output button" in Figure 6.

By checking multiple data in Figure 3 and pressing the batch form output button you can download a file with multiple PDFs compressed into one zip file.

Combine multiple data in one PDF

This is the operation when "PDF" is set to "◎" in "Setting to display batch form output button" in Figure 6.

At this time, we will combine multiple data into one PDF file.

Example of operation

Including the items in the model in the detailed form file name is convenient as it can be determined by the file name when outputting the batch form.

Figure 13 Batch output file after expansion of zip format file (customer ID is included)

Definition method

In the form template setting, specify the output file name.
For details of the specifying method, refer to "Excel form - Detailed display> Change the output filePlease read.

Figure 14 Setting up the form template