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We link the workflow definition model with the workflow definition model.

Link the workflow definition (prepared on the previous page) with the actual model.
In one model, multiple workflow definitions can be selected and used.

Select "Search workflow setting" from the management processing menu.(Figure 1)

Figure 1 Workflow setting search

Open the workflow setting registration screen.(Figure 2)


"Model name" is selected from the set model when using workflow.(Figure 3)

Figure 3 Select model name

For Workflow Participant Settings, select flow patterns and participants from the set workflow definitions.(Figure 4)

Figure 4 Select workflow participant setting

When you specify a flow pattern and participants, a diagram of the workflow is displayed.(Fig. 5) This is a diagram to confirm the flow, and editing can not be done.

Figure 5 Diagram display of workflow

Set the return destination for returning.Select "Return to previous one" or "Return to applicant". By default, "Return to previous one" is selected.

Figure 6 Setting the return destination for returning

Save the settings so far.

After connecting the workflow participants to the model, you can not change the information on the workflow participants.
(This is because consistency with the already started workflow is lost.)