Wagby is a tool that can develop business application with non-programming. It can be operated both in-house servers and cloud environments.

Wagby uses many standard functions required for business applicationsNon-programmingWith it.

After entering the design information with the web browser, the source code is automatically generated by the build, and the application is completed.

Wagby is "Increase development productivity by 10 times." I will aim for that.In order to realize this goal, it is not an improvement of the minor side but a change of a bold idea is required.Wagby accomplishes this with the technique of automatic generation.

Applications developed with Wagby are not just "moving" but "working better".This non-functional requirement is supported by standard.The sense of security is different.

One feature of Wagby is that "you can customize the generated code".Automatic generation can be repeated even after changing the code.

We are proud of over 330 companies in the country.[May 2017] We are still in operation on various projects.


Things that could not be done though being considered as ideal so far.

Design information = system operating in front of you

The development style proposed by Wagby is "a bit ahead" in the future.

In the slide form, we will introduce the function of Wagby.

Also available in PDF formatdoing.

If you want to learn Wagby's concrete application development method,tutorialPlease look at.We have videos.

If you would like to learn more about the Wagby definition file,Wagby definition file manualPlease read.It explains all functions and how to define them.

If you would like to try Wagby,Trial kitPlease download it.You can experience the actual development.

Wagby offers in a flexible license system that can be used from large to small scale.Detail is"PurchasePlease read.

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