The latest version is R7. R6 has shipped a maintenance release including defect fixes.

R8 announces on Wagby Developer Day (November 28th) in 2017 and plans to ship in January 2018.It includes the following contents.

  • Refresh the UI of the application after the build.We will introduce the concept of SPA (Single Page Application).
  • We provide a new UI Designer which can design screen by drag & drop.
  • Enhance cooperation with external authentication API.
  • Realization of small batch processing by JMS.
  • Integration with version control system - Enables operation from Designer.
  • The operating environment is Java 8 or higher.

For details on R7 shipping historyR7 update historyPlease see.

The future expansion schedule is as follows.

R 7.12 (2017. summer)

  • Providing Testing Framework for test automation.
  • Synchronize the calendar view with external services.
  • Revamp UI for smartphones.
The development of R7 is planned to end at R7.12.Subsequent enhancements will be made at R8.R7 becomes maintenance mode (bug fix).

The final version of R6 series is R6.10 Update 11.Until January 31, 2019, a serious vulnerability was discovered in Tomcat R6 series, and Wagby R6 update will be shipped when an update version comes out.We will also respond to inquiries.

EOL (End Of Life) of each release is as follows.

Product Final version Sale end date Maintenance deadline
R6 R6.10 Update 11 (May 8, 2017) September 30, 2014 January 31, 2019
R5 R5.8.5.8 (March 31, 2009) December 31, 2009 March 31, 2014 [End]