By default the REST API is disabled. You can enable the REST API for each model.

Open "Screen> Other> REST" of the model for which you want to enable the REST API.Check "Enable model REST API".

Figure 1 Using the REST API

Here is a Google Chrome plugin POSTMAN To verify the operation of the REST API.

  1. Start Wagby application.
  2. Log on with one of the accounts.
  3. Prepare POSTMAN on another tab of Google Chrome.
    Fig. 2 Activating POSTMAN
  4. Enter the URL for the REST API and press the "Send" button.The result (JSON) is displayed at the center of the screen.
    Fig. 3 Operation confirmation of REST API by POSTMAN
Please log on to Wagby application and use POSTMAN.REST API can not be used without logging on.
Figure 4 "401 Unauthorized" is returned in case of authentication error