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I summarize frequently asked questions and answers about Wagby R7.

I downloaded Windows Installer format (.exe), but the extension is ".zip"

Depending on the network environment, even if the extension ".exe" version is downloaded, it may be replaced with ".zip".In that case please manually change the extension to ".exe" and install.

Unable to decompress ZIP file

  • It is possible that the download stopped halfway.If downloading does not work, we also provide services to mail files via media.
  • If you are logged on to the Windows OS with an account that is not the system administrator, you can not write directly to the C: drive or some folders such as Program Files.Please be sure to unzip it into the folder that is permitted for the logged on account (the account name folder in the Users folder).
  • Check the language environment of your computer.Please confirm whether "regional option" of "system" under Windows OS is "Japanese".

Running the installer displays the NSIS Error dialog

The downloaded file may be damaged.Delete the browser's temporary file and cookies, then download again.

Figure 1 NSIS Error

After installing, changing folder name no longer starts

If the folder name contains Japanese characters (such as Chinese numerals or double-byte parentheses), Java may not be able to interpret the Japanese characters contained in the folder name.Folder name should consist only of half size alphanumeric characters.

WagbyDesigner does not start even if startup.bat is executed/Wagby application does not start even if you press the application start button

  • There is a possibility that Java is not installed on your PC or Java environment setting is insufficient.Please check if the environment variable JAVA_HOME points to Java 8 correctly (installed).[How to install Java]
  • Please check whether installed Java is JDK (development version).Wagby is a "development tool", so JDK is required.WagbyDesigner will not work if only JRE (execution environment) is installed.
  • If the environment variable CATALINA_HOME or TOMCAT_HOME is set, startup may not be possible.Please delete this environment variable.
  • There is a possibility that the memory of the development machine that installed Wagby is insufficient and startup has failed.If the installed Java is 32 bit version, please reduce the memory required at startup.
  • If Japanese is included in the path of the folder, startup may fail.(Ex: C: \ xxx \ Japanese \ Wagby - 7.0)
  • If the following message appears on the console, another Tomcat may be running.
    Could not contact localhost:8919. Tomcat may not be running.
    Some virus checking software and others use Tomcat.Please disable the virus check software and try it.

When startup.bat is executed, something is displayed for a moment and disappears immediately (WagbyDesigner does not start)

Restart PC

It may be improved by rebooting the PC.

Pause virus check software or firewall software

Please pause these software, restart the PC, please try.If it is improved, please consider changing the use software to another one.

Investigate error messages

Please try the following procedure when using Windows OS.

  1. > You can enter "cmd" in the "Search program and file" field and execute cmd.exe appeared in the choice.
  2. Use the cd command to move to WagbyDesigner's startup folder.By default Wagby is installed on the desktop.After starting cmd.exe, move it (Karen and folder) by entering
    cd Desktop\Wagby-7.x.x\wagbydesigner\bin
    .Please enter the version number of installed Wagby in "xx" part.
  3. Type catalina.bat run.
    catalina.bat run
    Normally another window will be launched and Tomcat will start to run.However, in case of an error, some message may be displayed here.Please send this screen capture when using technical support.

I get an error that the license file can not be read

If the folder name contains Japanese characters (such as Chinese numerals or double-byte parentheses), Java may not be able to interpret the Japanese characters contained in the folder name.Therefore, loading the license file fails.Folder name should consist only of half size alphanumeric characters.

Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError occurs at Designer startup

If "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/activation/DataSource" error occurs when starting WagbyDesigner, please check whether your Java is "Java 9".For Java 9, a slight modification is required.[More ...]

Figure 2 Error message when starting Designer

"Context startup failed due to previous error"

Please check whether the following message is included in the startup screen of the built application.

Figure 3 Error messages when launching applications

When this message is displayed, application startup has failed.Please check the following points.

  • The build by Designer is not completed completely (or build error remains) and it is running.Please stop the application and perform "Full Build" in Designer.
  • I set up to use an external database, but I have not copied the JDBC driver file to the customize folder.Please copy this page by reference.

Application launched but can not connect from browser

  • Please check whether there is a mistake in describing the server name or port number to be entered in the address bar of the browser.If you can connect from another browser (or another machine), it is not a problem of the server but a problem of the client PC.
  • If you can not connect from any PC, please check the firewall settings of the server (the product that launched the application).It is possible that the firewall will not accept connections.
  • Depending on the internal network environment, it may not be possible to connect with the Wagby application due to "proxy server" intervening.Check with the network administrator and ask if there is a proxy server, in that case please contact Wagby application by changing proxy server settings.

Error loading license key file when WagbyDesigner is started

  • We assume that WagbyDesigner's startup directory is wagbydesigner/bin.Make sure you are running startup.bat ( on Linux and Mac OS X) after moving to the wagbydesigner/bin directory.
  • Make sure that the wagby - licensekey.xml file exists in the installation folder and that the read setting is made.
  • If Japanese is included in the path of the folder where Wagby is installed, reading may be an error.(Ex: C: \ xxx \ Japanese \ Wagby - 7.0)
  • Operation may become unstable due to the influence of anti-virus software.Please invalidate antivirus software once and check whether it works or not.

I can not operate WagbyDesigner

  • WagbyDesigner does not support IE/Firefox/Safari.Please use Google Chrome.
  • If you can not operate with Google Chrome,Disable the browser extension (plugin)Please try.

Characters like "undefined" are displayed on Designer screen

Please clear your Google Chrome cache and reload it.[About clearing the cache ...]

It is unstable as it operates or does not

Influence of antivirus software

Operation may become unstable due to the influence of anti-virus software.Please invalidate antivirus software once and check whether it works or not.

Or specify the folder where Wagby was installed as "Excluded files (folder)" with antivirus software.If you can also specify "Exclude process", please exclude "java".

Insufficient memory

There is a possibility that the memory of the development machine running Designer is insufficient.Please increase the memory used by Designer and try.

Item display is wrong · Item can not be added

It may occur when you manipulate the repository folder directly without using Designer.

Example: You manually copied model items

When copying and pasting directly the folder containing the information of the item a 1 of the model A (the folder in which the item information is stored in the repository folder) and copying it to the folder of the model B, the model item There was a report that it became impossible to add it.

In Designer, internal number change processing is carried out when adding, deleting and moving items.Internal processing has occurred because the processing was not done.

[Correspondence] Migrating the repository using the migration tool will resolve it.In the case of migration between versions, please install another Wagby by changing the installation folder name.

Out of Memory appears on the console

The following error message may be displayed on the console during the build process such as generation/compilation of the source code and table creation of the database.

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

Memory is insufficient in WagbyDesigner's build process.Please read "Adjusting Memory Size at Repository> Tuning> Build".

Influence of virus check software

Virus check software may be affected.

Example: ESET Smart Security HTTP scanner

When ESET Smart Security was running on a development machine running Wagby Designer, there was a report that reading of the repository fails due to the HTTP scanner function of the software.

[Correspondence] Trouble was avoided by turning off this function in "Advanced setting> HTTP scanner setting" of ESET Smart Security or specifying the subnet of LAN by "protocol filtering".

Disappearance of initial repository

The following messages may be left in the error log.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: リポジトリフォルダの初期化処理に失敗しました。

1. An error message is recorded in the Tomcat console running WagbyDesigner or logs/catalina.out.First of all, please check this content.

2. The initial repository file repository/branches/ may not exist.Or you can not read files.The problem of file access rights is also considered.

3. Are you using the old repository file included in the repository/branches folder?This file differs depending on the version of Wagby installed.Be sure to use the files included during installation.

Manual copy of folder

Copying the repository file (repository/trunk) you used so far to the new Wagby repository folder in the Wagby version upgrade etc.can not.

Follow the procedure of "Repository> Designer function · Other tools> Backup and restoration of repository" as follows.

  1. Back up the repository in the old version of Designer.
  2. Download the repository.You can get a zip file starting with wrb.
  3. In the new version of Designer, restore using the downloaded repository.

Confirm log

Please check the wagbydesiger/logs/system.log file.It may be understood from an error message.

Since this repository is a definition created for project license, it can not be read in unlimited development license environment.

If you change the license key from project license to unlimited development license, you need to convert the repository you have been using for unlimited development license.For details, please contact Wagby Reseller.

This repository is a definition created for an unlimited development license so it can not be read in a project licensing environment.

Unlimited development license and project license can not be used together.

This machine is different from the development machine approved by the license key file.

License keys for different PCs are used.Please copy the correct license key.

This repository is a definition created for different unrestricted development licenses and can not be read.

This repository can not be loaded on your PC.Since it is necessary to convert the repository, please contact Wagby sales partner.

If there is another error that does not apply to any of the above, please send wagbydesigner/logs/system.log to support.

When using the trial kit (free evaluation license), the following message may be displayed.

Figure 4 License Error Display

In the trial kit, the size of the application that can be built (the total number of model items) is restricted.Please do the following correspondence.

Replace license key

Wagby The license key (wagby-licensekey.xml) obtained from the reseller is placed directly under the folder where you installed Wagbyoverwrite saveTo do.

Fig. 5 Overwrite and save the license key

In Designer, "Model information could not be loaded due to licensing problem.If you see the message "Please confirm the following points."

Are you copying the license key

Wagby The license key (wagby-licensekey.xml) obtained from the reseller is placed directly under the folder where you installed Wagbyoverwrite savePlease check whether it is.

Figure 6 Overwrite and save the license key

Screen may not be displayed

Compile error

There was a report that the message "org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Can not compile class of JSP" appears in the log of running Web application.

[Correspondence] Real time scanning of virus check software was a problem.It was solved by stopping the same function.

Error in production environment

If it runs in the development environment but an error occurs in the production environment, please check the following.

Startup folder

The folder to run startup.bat (or must be wagbyapp/bin.

When using Unix OS such as Linux, Mac OS/X etc, please confirm the following points.

Execution right of the file

Make sure and have execute permission.Execution right can be granted using the chmod command.

chmod u+x *.sh

Runtime folder

Wagby assumes that it starts from the "bin" folder as the starting point.

To start WagbyDesigner, please move to wagbydesigner/bin folder and run
Likewise, please also run after moving the build application (described later) to the wagbyapp/bin folder.

Confirm log

After running, you can check the log at the console with the following command.(The following example shows this command in the wagbydesigner or wagbyapp folder.)

tail -f logs/system.log

If build time is slow, please check the following points.

It is a 32 bit environment

It is recommended to use 64bit OS and 64bit Java.

Low memory

Even when using 64 bit OS, the build time will be slow if there are few actual installed memory.It is recommended to install 4 Gbyte or more memory on the development machine.

We did not specify exclusion of virus check software

By excluding the Wagby R7 installation folder from "checked" into the virus check software, the build speeds up.

Using SSD

By using SSD instead of HDD, build time can be further increased.

When initialization processing is necessary (1)

Fig. 7 If a message is displayed, initialize the table first after logging on to the web application.

Figure 7: Initialization of tables is required after building

When initialization processing is necessary (2)

After logging on to the Web application, a warning about the number of data items may be displayed as shown in Fig.In this case as well, please initialize the table.

Figure 8 Warning when using trial kit

How to initialize the table

In Figure 9, select "Import and Export" from the management processing menu.
Select the data for importing data_init for initialization and execute the import process with all models as import target.Please keep checking "Initialize table".This recreates the table and initializes the data.

Fig. 9 Initialization processing by import

If the import succeeds successfully, a message like the one shown in Figure 10 will be displayed.This completes initialization.

Figure 10 Completing the import process

When Wagby is upgraded, older files are loaded in the user's Web browser, and screen display may not be performed correctly.Please clear the "cache" of the web browser by the following procedure.

Internet Explorer

  1. Select "Internet option" from the gear icon menu on the right side of the browser screen.
  2. Click the delete button in the browsing history column in the "General" tab.
  3. In the "Delete Browsing History" dialog that appears, please check the following choices and press "Delete" button.
    • Hold your favorite website data
    • Temporary Internet files and web site files
    • Cookies and website data

Google Chrome

Please use Google Chrome for Wagby Designer.

  1. Open Chrome's "Developer Tools".Select "Other tools> Developer tools" from the menu button on the right side of the address bar, or select "Validate" from the right click of the mouse on the browser window where WagbyDesigner is opened.
  2. With the developer tool open, press and hold the reload button in the browser window and select "Erase cache and reload hard" from the menu that is displayed.