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I will explain how to register the license key to the production machine. Please read at the time of purchase.

Applications built with the development kit are "simultaneous 2 user logon restriction".

By applying the production operation license key, you can use the simultaneous connection license specified at the time of purchase.

Figure 1 Flow of obtaining license key

First of all, we decide which PC should be the production machine.For the requirements of the production machine, please read "Environment> Production Operation Server" page.

Please install Java (6/7/8) and external database on the production machine.

Copy the complete application "wagbyapp" folder built by the development machine to the production machine.

Move to the wagbyapp \ webapps \ $ (APPNAME) \ WEB-INF folder with wagbyapp copied to the production machine as the starting point.Here, $ (APPNAME) refers to the project name (in English).

Execute createApplicationID.bat contained in this folder.

When you do, "Application ID (for production machine)" is created.The file name is appid.txt.

If the content of the application ID is "empty", Wagby can not be operated on this development machine.Please check again that Java 7/8 installation is done correctly.
When executing without moving the current to wagbyapp \ webapps \ $ (APPNAME) \ WEB-INF, an empty (0 byte) appid.txt is generated.Please disregard this because it is invalid.

We send the obtained application ID to Wagby sales partner.

The license key file "wagby-licensekey.xml" will be received from the Wagby reseller.

Since it is the same file name as the development kit, please manage it so as not to make a mistake.

Register from web application

Log on to the application as a system administrator.Open "Management Process> License Key File Authentication".

Please click the "Select file" button and register the obtained license key file (file transmission) on the production machine.

Register figure license key

Register manually

Save the license key file (wagby - licensekey.xml) in the following location.

$ (APPNAME) is "wagby" by default.Please change the person who changed the package name as appropriate.

Confirm that the license key was recognized correctly. Log on to the application as a system administrator.Open "Administration process> About this application".

On the screen "Currently working as a free version."WordsIf it is not displayedThe license key is applied correctly.

Purchase plan ยท Unlimited development kit

There is no expiration date of the production operation license key.However, the maintenance contract will be one year from the date of purchase.

Even if the maintenance period expires, you can use the license key so you can use the application.By updating the maintenance contract you can continue to use the latest version of Wagby update and inquiry service.

Monthly plan

At the expiration of the contract, the production operation license key will also be invalid.

What happens if I did not renew my license key?

This can also be distinguished in the following cases:

A. Purchase plan use: Does not rebuild the application, and continues operation.

Updating the license key is unnecessary.You can continue to operate with the license key you installed the first time.

B. Use of monthly plan: We do not rebuild the application, and continue operation.

Although it is necessary to apply a new license key, automatic license validation processing (automatic license key update) will be done during the contract period, so no work will be done.

When the contract expires, the application stops working. Specifically, although it is displayed up to the logon screen, if you enter a user name and password and try to log on, the maximum number of users has been reached."Is displayed and logon is impossible.

If the automatic license authentication process fails consecutively, it will be interpreted as a license key update failure, and the operation of the application stops.

C. Use of monthly plan or purchase plan: We rebuilt the application.

You need to apply a new license key.

Although you can build with a revoked license key without doing this update work, the generated application will operate as a trial kit (number of simultaneous connections 2).