Support > Installation Guide (R7) > Installation of Wagby (Windows Installer format)

I will explain the procedure to install downloaded Wagby on Windows OS.

Please prepare a development machine to operate Wagby.Please refer to the development environment and the operation environment for the specification of the development machine which is required.

Before installing Wagby, please install Java. I have summarized Java acquisition and installation method.

Please get Wagby from the download page.This is an executable file format.Save this file on your desktop.

Figure 1 Downloaded file

Double-click the icon in Figure 1 to execute it.

First the license agreement will be displayed.If you agree with the contents, press the "I agree" button to proceed with the installation work.

Figure 2 Confirming the license agreement

Select the installation folder.In Windows OS, please expand to the folder for each user, not the Program Files folder.By default it will be installed directly under the desktop.

Figure 3 Select installation folder
If "Japanese name" is included in the installation folder, it may not work properly.
Example: C: \ Users \ Taro Yamada \ Desktop
In this case please specify the folder which does not include the Japanese name again.

In Fig. 3, press the "Install" button.Installation will start.

Figure 4 Copying files
Figure 5 Installation Complete

After the installation is completed, Wagby Designer startup and shutdown icons are prepared on the desktop.

Fig. 6 Wagby Designer start/end icon
If the icon as shown in Figure 6 is not created after installation, it can be created manually.Please read "How to create shortcut icon".

Installation will be completed when decompression is over.Figure 7 shows the folder structure immediately after installation.

Figure 7 Folder configuration after installation completes

If you are using any anti-virus software, please specify the folder where Wagby was installed as "Excluded files (folder)" in the setting.This correspondence stabilizes Wagby's build behavior.

By the procedure so far, the installed development kit will operate as a license of "trial kit".

Regular license purchaser

Register the license key of the development kit.

Changing to Evaluation License Key

The downloadable Wagby is limited to "50 items" of the size of applications that can be built. This restriction has been relaxed, "License key that can build up to 256 items (evaluation license key)"Get it for freecan do.Please tell "Wish for license key for evaluation" to either Wagby reseller.

Just below the Wagby folder where you installed the license keyoverwrite saveTo do.

Figure 8 Saving the Evaluation License Key

Wagby is optimized for 64bit Java usage.When using it with 32 bit Java, please make the following change.

  1. Open the wagbydesigner/bin folder in the folder where you installed Wagby.
  2. Open setenv.bat ( for Linux, Mac OS X series) included in it with a text editor.
  3. The number after -Xmx and -Xms1024mI will change it to."M" behind the number means mega unit.For 32 bit Java, this value is limited to 1024 m.
set CATALINA_OPTS=-server -Xmx1024m -Xms1024m

With this setting, the 32-bit Java imposes constraints on the size of applications that can be built (as the available memory is limited).Please note.

First Time People

Let's check the operation of Wagby.If you install for the first time please go to "Tutorial".

Who will be updated

Please clear the web browser's cache to update new features and defect fixes in Wagby Designer.(If you do not clear the cache, screen drawing may be distorted.)

Wagby's distribution file (zip compression format file) is given the version number "Wagby - 7.xx". Therefore, you can install several different versions of Wagby on the same development machine. Since folders are different, there is no conflict.

Uninstalling Wagby is completed by deleting the set of folders in Figure 7.

Wagby does not write to the Windows OS registry.

If the shortcut icon is not created on the desktop, you can prepare it manually. Read how to create shortcut icons.

For other troubles, please read "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers> Installation".