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I will explain how to upgrade the repository of Wagby R7 to the latest version. The zip format repository archived in the old version will automatically apply the migration tool when reading with "restore". Therefore, it is not usual to use the tools described here manually.

Transfer source (old version of R 7)

The model definition information that is displayed when Designer is launched becomes the target of migration.It is not necessary to perform build processing.

Transfer destination (R7 of the new version)

I will return it to the state of the initial repository.

Double-click the migration tool "RepositoryMigration - XXXjar" included in the installed mag folder of Wagby R7 and execute it.(The XXX part contains the version number.The version of the tool that is shipped depends on the version of Wagby.)

Figure 1 Running the migration tool
The migration tool is a Java application.A file with the extension ".jar" can be executed by double-clicking on a computer on which Java is installed.
The migration tool (GUI version) requires Java 8 or higher.It does not work with Java 7.

Select "R7 to R7" as the conversion method.The source Wagby specifies the folder in which the old version of R7 was installed.It is not necessary to change the conversion destination Wagby.

After setting, press "start migration" button.

Figure 2 Conversion method and conversion source specification

When the migration is completed, a dialog like the one shown in Figure 3 will be displayed. After closing the dialog by pressing the "OK" button, select "Exit" from the file menu, or exit the tool with the close button of the window.

Figure 3 Migration completion message

Troubleshooting: Can not run

If you can not execute RepositoryMigration-XXXjar by double-clicking it, please try the following method.

  1. Open a Windows OS command prompt.
  2. Go to misc in the folder where Wagby is installed."cd misc"
  3. Start it manually as follows."%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -jar RepositoryMigration-X.X.X.jar"

If you still can not run it please try reinstalling Java.Java 8 or higher is required.(It does not work in Java 7.)

I will explain how to run the migration tool from the console.It can be used at the command prompt of Windows OS or Linux OS.

  1. Go to misc in the folder where Wagby is installed.
    Fig. 4 Move to the misc folder
  2. Execute the following command.
    java -jar RepositoryMigrationCUI.jar 7to7 ..\..\Wagby-7.12.1
    Figure 5 Running RepositoryMigrationCUI.jar
    The first argument of the command is "7to7".The second argument specifies the Wagby folder to be the migration source.In the above example, R7.12.1 is specified, but please read it properly.

Wagby after R7.5.0 automatically applies the migration process at the timing of the restore processing, the backup file (the one starting with wrb, zip compressed repository) automatically.Therefore, it is not necessary to apply the migration tool described here.

Fig. 6 Restore processing

The migration tool converts according to the following rules.

  • The primary key item id of the account model (juser) of R7.0.x is deprecated.Instead, the userid item becomes the primary key.
  • From R7.1.1, version information is given by the migration tool.The repository key is system/@version.
  • Starting with R 7.1.1, we reordered the order of model items.The repository which had become the jump number in the past edition will also be normalized.
  • Since R 7.1.2, it is now possible to specify an arbitrary "mail header" in the mail template.Conventional "Message-ID" and "In-Reply-To" are also integrated.Therefore, the old mail template definition is not migrated and the mail template definition included in R 7.1.2 is "positive".
  • As of R 7.2.1, we convert the formulas calculation formula used in R6.6 Update 9 or earlier version to the current formula.(It covers the arithmetic expression and the initial value formula.)
  • Beginning with R7.3.2, models in the System tab are now not used for migration, but now use the one shipped with this version.However, except juser, jgroup, jnews.In these three models, the definitions changed by the developer are migrated.

Models whose migration is skipped

The model included in the "System" tab is not a transition from the old version but uses the one included in the new version.That is, it will be excluded from the migration tool.

However, the following models are excluded.That is, the definitions changed by the developer will be inherited (even after the transition).

  • juser
  • jgroup
  • jnews

If you modified the system model other than the above (eg, change the menu system), apply the same correction manually.

Customization code

The migration tool does not handle customized code (Java, JSP, JavaScript, etc.). These files should be manually modified by the developer to the latest R7 code.

For details on how to fix the code, please contact Wagby dealer.