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Wagby Cloud is a service that can transfer applications launched from Wagby Designer to a production machine and launch it.

Wagby Cloud is a mechanism for operating applications built with Wagby Designer in a production environment. Wagby Cloud consists of the following elements.

Figure 1 Components of Wagby Cloud
Wagby Designer
From the "Cloud" tab, you can perform a series of management operations such as transferring the built application to the production machine and starting/stopping it.It can be used with Wagby after R7.5.
Wagby Cloud API
It is an administration API provided by the production machine conforming to Wagby Cloud.Wagby Designer uses this management API to control the production machine.
Production machine (Wagby Cloud server)
It is a production machine with Wagby Cloud API installed.The OS is Linux (Cent OS 6).
Figure 2 Cloud setting of WagbyDesinger

"Wagby Cloud Provider" provides "Wagby Cloud Server" with "Wagby Cloud API" as a service.

Figure 3 Position of Wagby Cloud Provider

The Wagby Cloud provider utilizes the leading cloud infrastructure.On top of that we set up a Linux OS with Wagby Cloud API and give it to users.Some providers offer various options such as SSL communication encryption, backup service and monitoring service, VPN service.


It will start soon.No server setting work is required.

By contracting with a provider, users can operate their own Wagby application in the cloud environment immediately.It is unnecessary to set up any server.

You can select from multiple providers

The Wagby Cloud provider is a service provided by a company familiar with server management (not Jasmine software developing Wagby).You can choose from the following providers.

You can set up your own "Wagby Cloud server" with "Wagby Cloud API".

Figure 3 Setting up your own Wagby Cloud environment


You can choose your own cloud infrastructure

This method has the merit that it can choose cloud infrastructure on its own.It is effective when you want to make detailed settings.

It can also be used on an in-house server

It is also possible to prepare and operate a Linux OS machine inside the company.It is not necessarily tied to an external public cloud.

Notes on operation

You need a network management technician who is familiar with the operation of the Linux OS.It is a prerequisite that you can prepare a system to perform various operations from OS update and security patch application to backup and life and death monitoring.

"Wagby Cloud Easy Setup Kit" is prepared for those who set up the production machine by themselves. This kit includes the following contents.

  • "Wagby Cloud Setting Guide" (PDF)
  • A script that automatically configures the software settings of the production machine.Operation confirmed in "Sakura's VPS".
  • Wagby Cloud API.
  • Script to back up to Amazon S3.
  • 30 day e-mail support on setup.

This kit is a script that runs on Cent OS 6.It assumes operation by a technician who learned Linux command.(In order to make it work, you need a Linux machine with Cent OS 6 installed separately.)

The script included in this kit is copy free.It can be used with multiple servers.

The support service included in this kit is related to setup.It does not include inquiries about daily operation (example of command operation of Linux OS and correspondence at the time of trouble occurrence).

Q. Please tell me the price structure of Wagby Cloud.

Depends on Wagby Cloud provider.For details, please contact Wagby Cloud provider directly.[in preparation]

Q. I already have a Wagby license.Can I contract with another Wagby Cloud provider only for operation?

Is possible.

Q. Please tell me the target version of Wagby.

It becomes Wagby after R 7.5.0.It can not be operated in Wagby before.

Q. How is the reliability of the Wagby Cloud provider secured?

Please listen to the explanation of each provider.Usually, the Wagby Cloud provider uses the service of another cloud operator as a cloud infrastructure.Because these are operated in a dedicated data center, security and fault tolerance are considered more secure than in-house operation.

Q. Can I move from one Wagby Cloud provider to another provider?

It is technically possible.You can move by exporting the data on the cloud and uploading it to the cloud environment operated by another provider.Please check directly with each Wagby Cloud provider about the contract side.

Q. Can we do business as a Wagby Cloud provider?

After purchasing "Wagby Cloud Easy Setup Kit", we will conclude Wagby sales partner contract.Please inquire details.