Support > Installation Guide (R8) > Repository conversion from Project Runtime to Unlimited license

The repository for Project Runtime can not be read by Wagby Designer which applied Unlimited license. This section explains the procedure to convert from Project Runtime to Unlimited supported repository.

  1. Start WagbyDesigner.After starting up, log on and open the "Operation" menu.
  2. Copy "Unlimited license key" sent from the purchasing partner overwriting it directly under Wagby installation folder.
  3. Read "Repository file for Unlimited" sent from purchasing partner and restore.(For details on how to read, see "Reading repository files".)
If you execute step 2 before starting WagbyDesigner in step 1, an error will occur when starting WagbyDesigner.In that case, ignore the error and execute Step 3.After the restore, the error is resolved.

It is not possible to convert the target repository to "Unlimited" and then return to "Project Runtime".