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You can set the type, color and size of the graph for each user. R7.8

Definition method

Here we use weather data that manages "maximum temperature", "minimum temperature", "average temperature" and "precipitation" for each year and month as samples.

Figure 1 Model to store weather information

The initial state is a monthly graph (collective column chart).

Fig. 2 Graph setting (1)

Major is the average value of "highest temperature" "lowest temperature" "average temperature" "precipitation".

Figure 3 Setting of graph (2)

The first example

The display immediately after the build is as follows.Data has dummy data registered.

Fig. 4 Dummy data
Figure 5 Initial display of graph

First, specify "switch between dimensions and measure".The X axis has switched to the moon.

Figure 6 Switching Between Dimension and Measure

You can specify the type of graph.This change will cover the entire graph.

Figure 7 Specifying the type of graph (Overall)

Here, I will show you how to set only "precipitation" individually.Select precipitation from "Graph setting".

Figure 8 Individually setting precipitation

The graph setting details dialog opens.

Figure 9 Graph Setting Details Dialog

You can specify colors, types of graphs, and axes.Specify the "second axis" to set the rainfall as a separate scale with temperature.

Fig. 10 Perform detailed setting of graph

Only the precipitation amount became a line chart.The color was also changed, and scales for precipitation were prepared.

Figure 11 Only the precipitation amount became a line graph

When you press the "detailed setting display" button, a column for specifying the color, size, font size, etc. of the graph is prepared.

Fig. 12 Detail setting display button
Fig. 13 Detailed setting field is displayed

Each setting will be explained.


Specify the graph display color.You can specify from blue, orange, blue-green, red, purple, green.

Width and height

Each pixel value is specified.Unit is unnecessary.Enter only numeric values.

font size

We prepare two setting fields for pie chart and the other.

Maximum number of display characters

Valid for pie charts.If you specify "3", up to 3 characters will be displayed, and after the 4th character will be "..".An example is shown in Figure 7.

An example of changing color, width, and height is shown below.

Figure 14 Example of changing color, width and height

You can toggle between displaying and hiding the graph.When you press the "Hide Graph" button, the graph is hidden.

Figure 15 Graph non-display button
Figure 16 Graph hidden

Common setting

The user can save the settings of the graph.Especially, the administrator can use the saved settings commonly as the initial value of general users.

Figure 14 Common save setting button

This is an example where the administrator sets a graph and saves it as "common setting".

Figure 15 Saved as a common setting

Graph settings

Graph settings saved by general users and administrators are saved in the "Graph setting" model.Normally, this model will not be viewed or updated by ordinary users.The system is designed to manage automatically.Only the administrator can check the contents of this model.

Figure 16 Graph setting model

Information on the set graph is saved.

Fig. 17 Set graph information

Use common settings

When logging on as a general user, it is possible to reuse the graph settings saved as common settings by the administrator as initial values.

Fig. 18 Common settings were used

General users can also change these settings and make individual settings.(The changed setting is saved in the "Graph setting" model, but it is dedicated to that user.)

Return to initial state

To return from individual setting to common setting, press the "return to initial state" button.

Figure 19 Returning to the initial state

When a model reference item is specified as a dimension, the data sort order is the sort order specified in the sort rule of the reference model.At this time, you can specify the X axis alignment of the graph.

  • When "Do not rearrange dimensions" is invalid [Standard] - Sorts the X axis of the graph as a number.(Figure 20)
  • Set "Do not rearrange dimensions" - The alignment of the schedule table and the alignment of the X axis of the graph are matched.(FIG. 21)
Fig. 20 Rearranging dimensions
Figure 21 Do not rearrange the dimensions