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You can also specify a string type item in the measure. It is effective when you want to compile the free description field such as questionnaire input.

When a character string type is specified as a measure, the described character string is expanded. Aggregation of the number of times each character string is described will be done. (If the character strings match, they are regarded as the same value, and are added to the summation result.)

Take a questionnaire model as an example.The answers entered are as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1 Questionnaire list display

In the summary view, the "response" item whose item type is "string" type is specified as a measure. The contents described in the answer are expanded to major, and the content of each is describedNumber of timesIt is treated as a summary result.

Fig. 2 Aggregation of questionnaire results

Figure 3 shows the definition of the "questionnaire" model using the summary view.

Fig. 3 Questionnaire model

Open "Screen> View> Summary View".Activate "Create Screen".

"Page Title" is also used as a button name for transitioning to the tabulation view.When it is blank, the button name becomes "Totalized view 1", so please set the page title as much as possible.

Set the items in the "dimension" column.This time "question" is the dimension.

Figure 4 Setting the Page Title and Dimension

In Figure 4, press the "major" button and specify which item to use as a measure.(FIG. 5)
Here, you specify the answer item which is a character string type item.For items other than numeric type items, specify "Measure" as the aggregation method.

Figure 5 Setting items to become major