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You can specify font size, label characters, etc. in batch or individually.

An example

If the number of items displayed in the summary view is large, you can specify the overall font size and adjust it. In the example shown in Fig. 1, we set the character size (font - size) to 50%.

An example of specifying the font size of the entire figure in Figure 1

Definition method

Open "Screen> View> Summary View".Specify style (CSS) for "Common style".

Figure 2 Specifying a common style

An example

Figure 3 shows an example of specifying a newline of the heading and a color for the average item.

Figure 3 Example of specifying line feeds and colors for headings

Definition method

Open "Screen> View> Summary View".Press the "major" button and specify "label" and "style" respectively.HTML tags can be written directly in the label part.

Figure 4 Specifying Labels and Styles for Each Major Item