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Wagby provides role-based authority management functions.

Wagby has a model (juser) that manages account information by standard.Authentication is realized by matching juser's account and password.It also supports authentication using Windows Active Directory and LDAP.

Please read "Account" for details.

Wagby provides standard role-based authority management functions.This does not relate "user (account)" and "screen (function)" but gives both sides a common concept of "authority".

(1) Overview of authority management
Wagby's authority management uses the concept of "permission" and "principal".
(2) Menu control
The menu displayed according to the authorization changes. In Wagby, only permitted menus are displayed.
(3) Control by model
Explain how to manipulate data only for users with specific authority.
(4) Per-item viewing authority (viewing or invisibility)
You can set items that can be displayed only for users with specific authority. For users who do not have authority, hide items.
(5) Item-level update authority (updatable or browse only)
You can set items that can only be updated by users with specific authority. Make the item read-only for unauthorized users.
(6) Simultaneous setting of browsing update authority per item
You can set browsing and updating authority on items at the same time. Authorized users can update, but users who do not have authorization are only viewing (read-only).
(7) Changing the applicability of authority depending on conditions
Depending on the value of the item, you can change the applicability of the set privilege (at run time).
(8) Group authority
You can set the authority for each group you belong to and control the reference/update of the registered data.
(9) Control of browsing of data according to combination pattern of plural items
We introduce examples combining multiple implicit condition specifications and authority management.