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For string type items, you can perform AND search and OR search with multiple words specified. R7.8

Search by one word

When one word is entered in the search input field, it becomes a partial match search including that word.

Search for data including Fig. 1 "Yamada" (standard partial search)

Search data including all of multiple words (AND search)

You can do AND search with multiple words.In the search input field, enter multiple words with a space delimiter.

Search for data including Fig.2 "Yamada" and "Taro"

Search data including one of multiple words (OR search)

You can do OR search with multiple words.First of all, specify "OR" in half-width capital letters, then enter multiple words with a space delimiter.

Search data including Fig.3 "Yamada" or "Suzuki"

Enable "Search control> Enable advanced search function".By default, this setting is enabled.

Figure 4 Setting Advanced Search Function
  • OR search is performed only when the search character string starts with "OR", otherwise normal full/forward/backward match search is performed.This is because perfect match, forward match, backward match are meaningless in AND search.
  • In other model reference (excluding reference linkage) ignore extended search.
  • In "not equal" (notEqual) search, no OR search is performed.If the search string contains spaces, AND search is performed by dividing it.This is because OR has no meaning in searching "not equal".
  • Since "AND" or "OR" does not have any meaning for "more than", "less than", "greater than", "less than" search, extended search is not performed.

By using the filter script, you can set a mechanism to give "OR" to the search string.