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In order to make the search process easy, we introduce the operation screen that the search condition is automatically set by pressing the radio button.

In executing the search of the item "correspondence deadline" on the search screen, by selecting radio buttons such as "after 3 days", "after 5 days", "after 7 days" in order to facilitate the operation, An example of automatically setting the date of the search condition is explained.

Figure 1 shows the search screen.It is an operation that you can select correspondence deadline by radio button.

Figure 1 Search screen

By selecting the radio button, you can narrow down search.

Fig. 2 Search execution (1)
Figure 3 Search execution (2)

Figure 4 shows the model that realizes the sample application introduced above.

Fig. 4 Model list

The options used in "Response due date" are as follows.

Figure 5 List of alternatives

"Date for search" item

The point is to set two items of "search date" and "correspondence deadline" separately from "date" item in order to display "3 days later", "5 days later", "7 days later".The "date for search" item should be set automatically by the value of "correspondence deadline" prepared as a radio button.

Set an expression to the initial value of "Search Date" item.Automatically set the search target date according to the "Response due date" setting value.

Fig. 6 Initial value setting

When searching:


When searching (upper limit item of range search):

    MOVEDAY(TODAY(), 3),
      MOVEDAY(TODAY(), 5),
      MOVEDAY(TODAY(), 7)

In the "date for search" item, if a value is set in the "date" item prepared on the same search screen, post that value.

Figure 7 Calculation formula setting

"Date for search" item is a hidden item when entering.

Fig. 8 Input control - setting of hidden items

"Date for search" item is also hidden when output.

Figure 9 Output control - setting of hidden items

In addition, the "date for search" item is also hidden in the search screen.

Although it is a hidden item, it is actually used for narrowing down the search.The search value is automatically set from items such as "date" and "correspondence deadline".

Also, leave "Switch Model Display> Display Format" blank so that it can be operated as a radio button on the search screen.

Fig. 10 Search control - setting of hidden items

"Response due date" item

"Correspondence deadline" item "β—‹" is attached to "search condition", but it is not used for actual search processing.The value selected here is reflected in the "date for search" item.Therefore, cancel setting "Save value in database".

Figure 11 Do not save values ​​to database
Items specified as search conditions and not saved in the database are not reflected in the search SQL.It can only be used as an entry field for search conditions.

Also input "Output deadline" item, hidden items in output.

Fig. 12 Input control - setting of hidden items
Figure 13 Output control - setting of hidden items