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You can specify "search control - make it hidden" setting on each of the normal search window and sub window search screen.


I will prepare three items "company 1" "company 2" "company 3" in the "customer" model.Both are used as search conditions, but they have the following properties.

  • "Company 1" is always hidden.
  • "Company 2" is hidden in the main screen (normal search screen).
  • "Company 3" is not displayed on the sub window search screen.
Figure 1 Customer model

"Company 1" item

Figure 2 shows the search control setting for the "company 1" item.

Figure 2 Setting of company 1 item

"Company 2" item

Figure 3 shows the search control settings for the "company 2" item.

Figure 3 Setting of company 2 items

"Company 3" item

Figure 4 shows the search control settings for the "company 3" item.

Figure 4 Setting 3 company items

An example

Figure 5 shows the normal search screen (main window).You can see that "Company 1" item and "Company 2" item are hidden, respectively.

Figure 5 Normal Search Screen

I prepared a "business daily report" model that refers to this customer model.In the model reference (search), open the subwindow.In the subwindow, you can see that "Company 1" item and "Company 3" item are hidden, respectively.

Figure 6 Business daily report model referencing customer model

An example

In the normal search screen, you can change the search condition freely, but in the case of the subwindow search, we introduce an example where the search range is restricted by setting the initial value specified from the main window to the hidden item.

(Refer to customer model) In the business daily report model, we prepared the item "to company 1".This item refers to the customer model as a model, but at that time it is set to narrow down by the value specified in the "company" item ("Jasmine software" in the example of Fig. 8).

Figure 7 Customer list prepared in advance
Figure 8 Application of narrowing down to sub window search of business daily report model


Figure 9 shows the definition of the business daily report model.

Figure 9 Business Daily Report Model

The "Narrow company" item refers to the company model.

Fig. 10 "Narrow down company" item

The "customer" item refers to the customer model.

Figure 11 "Customer" Item

Here, set the narrowing condition shown in Fig. 12 in the "customer" item.

Figure 12 Setting the filtering condition