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We realize a search function that normalizes voiced sounds and tweet sounds with a clear sound. It is effective for searching unknown person names and place names whether the kana name is voiced.

By setting this setting, you can search either voiced sound or killing sound. Here, even if it is unknown whether the Kana name of the customer name "Yamada" is "Yamada" or "Yamata", we will show an example that you can register either for a while and can search either later.

Register with your name "Taro Yamada", Kana name "Yamada Taro".

Figure 1 Customer details display screen

Search by Kana name "Yamada".

Figure 2 Search in "Yamada"

You can find the same data even if you search by specifying Kana as "Yamata" in the name.

Search in Fig. 3 "Yamata"

The point of definition is to prepare two items "Kana name"."Customerkana" is for normal input and list display.The other customerkana 2 is a hidden item on the input screen and it is used for search conditions.

Fig. 4 Model item list
Figure 5 Relationship between customerkana item and customerkana2 item

All subsequent settings are done for "customerkana 2" item.

Calculation formula and database save settings

Set the expression as follows.

Figure 6 Automatic calculation settings

We normalize the voiced sound and the stubborn sound using the JPKANANORM function of the customerkana value entered.Also, we will save it in the database for searching with this customerkana2 item.

Make it a hidden item

In input control, make it a hidden item.

Figure 7 Hidden items when entering

Also in output control, it is supposed to be a hidden item.

Figure 8 Hidden items when output

Do not perform CSV output.With this setting, even when using the CSV download function, this item will not be included.

Figure 9 Do not output CSV

Setting search conditions

As the initial value of the search, it clears the characters (search condition character string) entered on the search screen.Since the character string stored in the database is similarly silenced, it will surely hit.

Fig. 10 "Initial value" setting