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You can specify partial match/exact match/forward match/backward match search for string type items. You can also use wild cards. R7.8

Select the judgment rule in "Search Control> Conditional Expression".For string types, the following rules apply:

  • Equal (exact match)
  • Broad match of character string
  • Prefix strings
  • Backward match of character string
  • Partial match of character string (specified at run time)

Standard is "partial match of character string".

Fig. 1 Search control> Setting conditional expression

You can specify a wildcard in the search term by specifying "partial match of character string (specified at run time)" in the condition expression.

Format Description An example
? Any character When searching "Ai?", "Ai" hits.
* Any character of any length If you search "Ai *", "AIUEIO" will hit.