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By setting the search condition item as a required input, you can suppress all search processing.

Figure 1 shows an example where the name item is mandatory.You can not perform a search without entering a value.

Figure 1 Mandatory Name Item

Activate "required check" within "Search control> common" in model item detail definition.

Figure 2 Setting "○" for mandatory check

It can also be set to "warning" instead of "o".When "Warning" is set, the message is displayed on the search screen, but if you click the "Search Search" button again, the search process will be done.

Mandatory check of upper and lower limits

If you want to perform a range search with numeric or date type items, you can set it with a pattern such as "lower limit item: warning, upper limit item: required".("Range Search" must be enabled.)

Stop search processing immediately after search screen transition

Wagby is standard, and it carries out search processing at the timing when it shifts to the search screen.However, enabling this setting always results in an error.In order to avoid this, we make this setting.

Fig. 3 Activate setting to stop search processing immediately after search screen transition

Alternative: Set initial value

Although the retrieval process immediately after the transition of the retrieval screen is performed, there is also a method of setting the initial value of the retrieval condition of the item.You can work around the error message in either way.

  • When applying this setting to the item whose type is "model reference (list box)", the option "all" is not prepared.
  • When this setting is applied to the item "type reference (radio button)" as type, no clear button is prepared.
  • This item can not be specified for the date item in the calendar view.
  • Even though the range search is not specified, the mandatory check of the search control can not set the range search (upper limit, lower limit).
  • When this setting is made, please set "to set initial value at the time of search", "stop search process immediately after search screen transition" and "stop search process at the time of pressing the reset button" at the same time.