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You can search for items that have not been entered as "unfilled values".

You can search for "not entered" for items of string type, numeric type, and date type.

Application to string type

Figure 1 shows an example of applying the "Search for missing" option in the "Name" field.

Figure 1 Example of applying "Search for unentered" option to string type item

Application to numeric type items

Figure 2 shows an example of applying "Search for unfilled" option to "Price" item.It can be used in conjunction with range search.

Figure 2 Example of applying "Search for missing" option to numerical type item

Activate "Search for unused values" in "Search control> common" in model item detail definition.(FIGS. 3 and 4)

Figure 3 Setting to search for uninputted values ​​(string type)
Figure 4 Setting to Search for Uninputed Values ​​(Numeric Type)

You can set the data of uninputted value (that is, null) to the initial value of the search condition.You can extract null data with initial search.

Definition method

Describe the function NULLSEARCH () as the initial value when displaying the search condition.

Figure 5 NULLSEARCH function


  • This function can be specified only with the initial value of the search condition.It can not be used outside setting fields (such as automatic calculation).
  • It can not be combined with other functions.(For example, it can not be combined with IF function.) Please use it alone.
  • In the case of numerical value and date type, it can not be used together with range search. Please cancel the range search and use it.

This function can not be used in the following cases.

  • Required input items
  • Repeat item
  • Model reference item (check box)

Please set "prepare unselected items" for model reference item (list box, radio button).

When search conditions are entered

It is inconsistent to specify a value for a search condition with "Search for unfilled value" enabled. Since there is no result that satisfies both, in this case "No data (0 cases)" will be.