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Various options related to search are available.

In this chapter, we explain how to perform various search control by setting of "search control", "initial value", "implicit condition" and "full text search" of model item.

(1) AND/OR search of character strings
For string type items, you can perform AND search and OR search with multiple words specified.
(2) Specify character matching rule (use of wild card)
You can specify partial match/exact match/forward match/backward match search for string type items. You can also use wild cards.
(3) Make search condition mandatory
By setting the search condition item as a required input, you can suppress all search processing.
(4) Ignore invalidity judgment items
On the search screen, it is possible to skip over invalidation processing of model reference. Invalid data is not selected when registering/updating, but you can operate invalid data as search target on the search screen as well.
(5) Perform range search
When using numeric/date type items as search conditions, range search function is automatically enabled by default.
(6) Search for missing values
You can search for items that have not been entered as "unfilled values".
(7) Specify search items by self-reference
You can search entered data by choosing from the choices.
(8) Make it a hidden item/read only item
You can set hidden settings or read-only settings in search items.
(9) Specify the reference linkage item as the search condition
You can specify "reference linkage" item as search condition.
(10) Implicit condition
When searching, you can always include certain conditions. Specify "condition value" and "expression".
(11) Full text search
You can specify full text search function in the model. Because it uses a dedicated search index, the search speed is greatly improved.
(12) Prepare items that are displayed only on the search screen and not used for search conditions
In order to make the search process easy, we introduce the operation screen that the search condition is automatically set by pressing the radio button.
(13) Realization of Kana search considering the difference between voiced sound and dull sound
We realize a search function that normalizes voiced sounds and tweet sounds with a clear sound. It is effective for searching unknown person names and place names whether the kana name is voiced.
(14) Search character strings with full-width half-width characters mixed without using input filter
This section explains how to search character string items mixed with alphabets and numbers with full-width half size without using input filter, regardless of full-width and alphabetic capital letters at search.
(15) Specify whether to show or hide the search condition individually on the normal search screen and the subwindow search screen
You can specify "search control - make it hidden" setting on each of the normal search window and sub window search screen.
(16) Search condition template
Multiple search conditions can be prepared in advance as "templates". When you select a template, each search item is automatically set.
(17) Specify search conditions as parameters from the outside
When embedding the URL accessing Wagby's search screen, such as in the mail, you can also specify search conditions as parameters at the same time.
(18) Customize search criteria in script
The search condition provided by Wagby is internally managed as "criteria". I will explain how to control this with a script.