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You can hide the numerical part of the repeating container ID on the registration/update screen.

It is not possible to set the "repeating container ID" item to hidden setting.The "Add" and "Delete" buttons are displayed on the registration/update screen.

You can hide Container ID values ​​"1", "2", ....Figure 1 shows an example of hiding the repeating container ID part (number).

Figure 1 Container ID not displayed on registration screen

Opens the "Model Item Detail Definition" dialog of the repeated container ID field.
In the setting of the style in the input control tab, make the following settings on the registration screen and others.

Figure 2 Style settings

When using multi-level layout, it is not possible to hide repeated container ID items on the detailed display screen.
(The entire column shifts to the left, the layout collapses.)

This setting is valid in the registration/update screen.It does not apply to detailed screens.

The repository key is presentation/displayitem/@style_insert, presentation/displayitem/@style_copy, presentation/displayitem/@style_update.