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You can specify the number of repetition container input fields when opening the new registration screen.

Figure 1 shows an example in which the initial display count of repeating containers is set to "3".

Figure 1 Example of initial display number 3

Sets the details of repeated container type items.
In the "Input Control" tab of the Model Item Detailed Definition dialog box, enter a number in "Repetition - Initial display number".

Figure 2 Setting the initial display number

When the initial display number is set to "0", only the item name is displayed when opening the new registration screen.

Figure 3 Example with initial display number 0

An example

This is an example of specifying the number of days of this month (28 days in February 2014) as the initial display number.There are 28 repeating containers.

Figure 4 Set the number of days in this month to the initial display number


An expression can be written in the initial display number.The following expression returns the number of days in the month end date of the mdate item.

Figure 5 Describing an expression in the initial display number
The mdate item is prepared as an item to store "year/month".
This setting is done only once when the registration screen is opened.In the above example, automatic change of containers will not be done even if the date is changed after that.