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Explain reference interlocking to repeating containers.

We prepared an estimate model.We will use this as the source of reference linkage.

Figure 1 Quotation model

We prepared a purchase order model referring to this estimate model.We have selected an estimate.

Figure 2 Order Form Model

When linking (estimate) model is confirmed, the entire container is repeatedly linked with reference repeatedly.

Fig. 3 Reference interlocking of repeating containers

This motion image is shown in Figure 4.

Fig. 4 Operation image

We define four models."Customer" and "goods" are treated as master data.(The explanation will be omitted.)

Figure 5 Customer, product, estimate, order form model

It shows the definition of the estimate model."Item" is a repeating container.

Figure 6 Definition of Quotation Model

Indicates the definition of the purchase order model.Here, "item name" and "price" included in the "item" model are referred to as "reference linkage".

Figure 7 Definition of purchase order model

Item "Product name" in the repeating container is set so that when the estimate item is confirmed, the product name item (included in the estimate model) is linked with reference.

Fig. 8 Setting reference linkage of item name item

In the same way, we will set up reference linkage for "price" as well.

Figure 9 Setting Reference Integration for Price Item

Screen redraw setting

When using this function, repeat the operation of "Include at least one list box/radio button/check box item in the repeating container or select item of model (refer to model) of the linkage source model" Please set. "It is because it is necessary to make reference interlock by screen redraw.

In this case, since the list box item is included in the repeating container, this rule is satisfied.

By setting the reference linkage item to own model saving, you can change the value after reference and save it. The rewritten value is managed separately from the reference source.

An example

An example of changing the application of Fig. 3 to reference linked model own saved model is shown below.

You can change the value and save it.After that, even if you change the detailed statement on the side of the linked quotation model, this order form model will not be affected.

See Figure 10 Example of interlocking own model saving

Definition method

For the item you want to save your model, enable "Save value in database". Also, "Releases" the setting of "read only".

Figure 10 Saving the value in the database
Fig. 11 Releasing the read-only setting


The following rules apply when saving reference linkage.

  • Container initial number is set to zero.
  • You can not add, delete, or insert containers.

You can specify the conditional expression for the repeating container of the referencing model (narrowing down the reference linked data).

An example

It shows an example of giving the condition that reference is linked only when the price is larger than 100 (yen). Three statements are included in the quotation.

Figure 12 Quotation

On the new order screen of the order form, two items are referred to and linked with each other.

Figure 13 Order Form

Definition method

Describe the expression in "display condition when referencing linked container".If this formula istrueOnly the line that becomes the reference is linked with reference.

Fig. 14 Setting of display condition when consolidating containers

Here, the expression is set as follows.


If reference interlocking of recurring containers does not work, please check whether the "screen re-rendering setting" rule is satisfied.