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You can rearrange (sort) in the repeating container.

Items to be sorted, items in the repeating containerOpen "Model Item Detail Definition".
Select "Sort in container" in the repeat setting on the input control tab.
It is blank by default and no sorting is done.

Figure 1 Setting to sort in container

The following items can not be specified for sorting.

  • Repeating Container ID
  • Reference to other models (checkbox)
  • Reference to other models (reference interlock)
  • Items required by calculation formula

If you select Ascending/Descending order, you can switch between ascending and descending order at runtime.As shown in Figure 2, an arrow type icon for specifying the sorting rule is displayed.

Figure 2 Making the sorting rule variable
Figure 3 Sort by clicking the icon

If you select "Ascending Order" or "Descending Order" in Figure 1, it will be sorted automatically at the timing of container addition, insertion and deletion.
Figures 4 and 5 are examples of applying a fixed rule of ascending the number.

Figure 4 Just before entering the number and pressing the "add" button
Figure 5 Immediately after "Add", sorted
You can not set "ascending/descending order" or "ascending order" or "descending order" at the same time.Either decide the sorting rule at runtime or make it a fixed sorting rule.

If you add sorting to repeating containers, adding sorting to existing container rows adds new rows to the last row of the container.
For this reason, lines with empty sorting items are sorted when the add button is pressed and moved to the beginning.
After setting the value in the sort item, it will be displayed in the sorted state when saved.

The repository key is presentation/displayitem/@sortbutton.