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You can increase or decrease another repeating container at the same time at the update timing. R7.9

When inserting, adding, or deleting a certain repeating container, we introduce an example where another container in the same screen is inserted, added, or deleted at the same time.

Figure 1 Before adding a repeating container

If you add a container with "Input 1", a container with "Input 2" will be added at the same timing.

Figure 2 After adding a repeating container

Synchronize delete

You can also synchronize the delete function.Deleting the container with "input 1" will also delete the container with "input 2" at the same timing.

Figure 3 Synchronization of deletion (1)
Figure 4 Synchronization of deletion (2)

Prepare two repeating containers "Input 1" and "Input 2".(FIG. 5)

Define the details of the repeating container of "input 2".

Figure 5 Defining two repeating containers

Specify "Repeat> Input Control> Repeat Item Sync Increase/Decrease" in the repeat container "Input 2".

Figure 6 Specifying a repeating container to be synchronized

In FIG. 6, since both "add/insert" and "delete" are described as "cont 1", all add, insert and delete are synchronized.

When used in combination with the value copy function, if you enter a value in "Input 1", the value will be posted to "Input 2" in conjunction.

In Figure 7, we set the value on the "input 1" side.hereAt the timing when the cursor moves to the next entry field, The same value is copied to "Input 2" side.(FIG. 8)

Fig. 7 Value postings (1)
Fig. 8 Value postings (2)

Definition method

Describe the item name to be copied in "Copy and paste the value of another item". Fig. 9 shows the setting of the "value A '" item on the input 2 side.

Figure 9 Setting to copy and use the value of another item