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Set up accounts and full text search settings.

Select "Application" from the "Environment" menu.

Figure 1 Application settings

The maximum number that can log on to the system with the same logon account

You can specify the maximum number you can log on with the same account.The standard value is 3.

When attempting to log on beyond the number of logons specified here, the user can be logged on by the automatic logoff function (logoff session at the oldest time is logged off).

Disable automatic logoff functionYou can also prevent you from logging on.

Maximum number of connected logons

Specify the maximum number you can log on to the application.You can not log on beyond this number.The standard value is 100.

The maximum number of logon adjustments depends on the performance (CPU speed, amount of memory) of your hardware.There is no general formula for the optimum value.Please consult your web server setup expert or Wagby sales partner on how to tune this value.

Session timeout

You can set the session timeout of the web application server.The unit is seconds.If the user does not take any action for the time specified here, it will automatically perform logoff processing.The standard value is "1,200 seconds (20 minutes)".

Reference information - web.xml

This setting is reflected in the next file of the built application.
Wagbyapp/webapps/(project name) /WEB-INF/web.xml

You can also edit web.xml directly with a text editor.


After rewriting this numerical value and restarting the web application, the setting becomes effective.

If you are working with a web server such as Apache instead of Tomcat alone, please also set the web server timeout setting together.(For details, please read the manual of the web server.)

Character encoding of CSV file

When downloading CSV or updating upload, you can specify character encoding of CSV file. Specify an arbitrary character code here.The standard is blank, it is interpreted as "Windows - 31J".

To handle multilingual data, please specify it as utf - 8.[More ...]

Reference Information - About Windows 31J

"Account> PasswordI will explain it in the chapter.

"Search control> Full text search> Specification of character extraction programI will explain it in the chapter.

"Account> Password reminderI will explain it in the chapter.

"Account> default logonI will explain it in the chapter.