You can check the project name (Japanese), project name (English), package name.

Select "Project" from the "Environment" menu.

Figure 1 Project settings

Project name

Enter the name of the application to be built.Immediately after installation, it is "Wagby application".

The value entered here will be reflected in the title of the application after logging on.

Project identifier7.5.1

The project identifier consists only of alphanumeric characters.Immediately after installation it is "wagby".

You can also leave the project identifier blank.In this case the project name will be removed when entering in the address bar of the web browser. (Example http:// localhost: 8921 /)

In this manual, the project identifier is expressed as $ (APPNAME).Please read it properly.

Java source code package name7.3

Specify the package name of the Java source code to be generated.

In Java, it is recommended to use the Internet domain name in reverse order from the consideration of "Do not duplicate" package names. For example, in an organization that has a domain of it is "". Continue, you can use sub packages.For example, "".

In the case of SIer, this package nameDomain name owned by customer of delivery destinationIt is good to use.

If you do not customize by Java, please use "jp.jasminesoft.wagby" which is the default value as it is.

Package name naming convention

  • Please start with an alphabetic character, "_ (underscore)".
  • Please specify English letters, "_ (underscore)", half-width numbers after the second letter.
  • It can not consist of "_ (underscore)" and half-width numerals only.
  • Reserved words can not be specified.(For reserved words, read Appendix A Reserved Words List.)
With this rule, "- (hyphen)" can not be included in the project name.

After "Project Identifier" "Java Source Code Package Name" is changed, Full Build is required.