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We introduce six functions related to screen control processing.


Returns the type of Web browser you are using.


The return value is the following string.

Return value Browser type
Gecko FireFox
Opera Opera
MSIE6 Internet Explorer 6
MSIE7 Internet Explorer 7
MSIE8 Internet Explorer 8
MSIE9 Internet Explorer 9
MobileSafari iPhone, iPod touch
Safari Safari
iPad iPad
docomo DoCoMo mobile phone
SoftBank SoftBank mobile phone
au KDDI mobile phone

For items you want to hide when you operate on iPhone/iPod touch, you can specify conditional viewing authority as follows.


About iPad designation

"IPad" is disabled by default.

- To enable this setting, please use "smartphone/mobile> use of smartphone> Default on using iPad is PC screenPlease do the setting.When accessing on the iPad, the browser type will be judged as "iPad" instead of "MobileSafari".


Get the name of the button on the screen that the user pressed down.

The button name corresponds to the part of "XXX" in the character string "action_XXX" included in the form element in the JSP file that constitutes each screen.


This function is valid only on the search/list display screen.Returns the number of results of the most recent search processing.

By using it as an expression for button control, "Display list update button only when search result is one or more"Or"The form output button is displayed only when the search process is performedYou can do the operation such as.


Returns a unique screen name.The return value is a string type. Specifically, it will be "SCREENTYPE + screen name".

The return value of SCREENID () when the model name (English) is "customer" is as follows.

Screen type Return value Remarks
Detailed display screen showCustomer Model names start with an uppercase letter.
Copy registration screen copyCustomerC1 On the copy registration screen, "C1" etc. is added to the end.(It varies according to the number of copy screens)
Wizard details screen showCustomerP On the screen using the wizard, "P" is added at the end.
Customized screen myShowCustomerP The customized screen will start with "my".
(No screen) unknown Mail transmission, mail reception job, etc.


Returns the screen type.The return value is a string type.

Uppercase and lowercase letters are distinguished.Please use it as described in the table below.(Example: not "SHOW" "show" is.Not "showlist""showList"is.)

Specific screen types are as follows.

Screen type Return value
Detailed display screen show
List display screen showList
New registration screen insert
Copy registration screen copy
Update screen update
CSV/Excel download screen download
CSV/Excel upload update screen uploadUpdate
List update screen updateList
Calendar view showListCalendar
(No screen) unknown

* "No screen" refers to mail transmission, mail reception job, etc.


Returns the screen number of the wizard screen.The return value is an integer type.If used on a screen that is not a wizard, 0 is returned.