Developers can develop internationalized applications by preparing resource files for each country. R7.3

All characters such as "item name" included in the design information are stored in "resource file". For details of the resource file, please read "Edit resource file".

The Japanese resource has "_ja" appended to the file name."_en" is an English resource.This page explains English resources.
  1. wagbyapp/webapps/wagby/WEB-INF/classes/jfcapp_enOpen .properties.UTF8 with a text editor.(Notepad attached to Windows is not used.Please prepare another text editor such as TeraPad.)
  2. Places in the resource file are in Japanese notation.I will translate these into English.
    The key part of the resource file ("qa_report.title" in the above) must not be changed.
  3. Save the edited file in the customize/resources folder.This will allow you to use the file you edited this time at the next build.

This method replaces the file, but it is deprecated.Please read "Create difference file" in the explanation after this.

  1. Create a file copying wagbyapp/webapps/wagby/WEB-INF/classes/ 8 for each national language.For example, if it is for French, it will be "fr" part, use the specification conforming to ISO-639.
  2. Save the copied file in the customize/resources folder.Files added this time will be added at the next build.
  3. Edit the added file.Please use a multilingual text editor.
  4. On the logon screen, if you want to select "country" added this time, select "language selection> Add selectable languagesPlease do it.

Apart from the resource file replacement method, it provides a method of creating a difference file.Even when managed separately as a difference file, they are merged (merged) at the time of build and are put together into one .properties file.

  1. For the file, create a new file with the prefix "my".The contents of the file are empty.Save this file in the customize/resources folder.
  2. Edit the file that starts with my.At this time, you can substitute by writing the same line as the original message.For example, by adding the following line, we rewrite the message which was originally "Logoff".
    __jfc_common.globallink.logoff=Log OFF !
  3. Merged (combined) at build time.
Figure 1 Replacing existing resources
The expansion of the file with "my" corresponds to all resource files.You can manage only the parts you want to customize.

We recommend a differential file method

There is one " 8" "resource that the system provides as standard" and "resource on model added by the developer".If you edit this file directly, if the resources provided by the system are added or changed at the time of Wagby's version upgrade, it will be necessary for the developer to correct it manually.

To avoid this trouble, we recommend that you create a file.We separate resources on models added by developers into this my file and manage them.

If you wish to change the wording provided in the standard, you should write it in this my file.The resource described in my file overwrites the standard resource.(See the example in Figure 1)

Resource files for countries other than Japan and the UK are also managed separately in the national versions of 8 Wagby provides as standard and the national versions of 8 on models added by the developer will do so.

"Holiday" displayed in calendar viewIs written in iCalendar format file.By standard, Japan holiday information "JapanHolidays.ics" provided by mozilla is bundled.

You can change this for other countries.

  1. Save the ics file for that country in the customize/webpage/WEB-INF folder.
  2. Write the following entry in WEB-INF/web.xml included in wagbyapp after build.
  3. Restart wagbyapp.The specified ics file is loaded.

If you save the modified web.xml in customize/webpage/WEB-INF, customized web.xml will be used at next wagbyapp launch.

[Caution] If you change the web.xml generated by modifying the repository after doing this customization, please do it manually.