Users can select the language to use in several ways. R7.2.1

In the logon form, a list box for selecting the language is prepared.

Figure 1 Logon form (1)

By default, you can select three types of "(blank)" "Japanese" "English (English)".

Figure 2 Logon Form (2)

The choices are as follows.

(Blank) In the state where no language is selected, such as immediately after account creation, automatic judgment is performed using browser language information (Accept-Language).
If you select any language at least once, it will be the language you previously specified.In other words, the information of the language once selected is recorded for each user.
Japanese It will be in Japanese.The resource file is "ja".
English I will be in English.The resource file is "en".

You can increase the choice of languages ​​provided in the logon form.

Edit i18n.txt

  1. Copy the wagbydesigner/bin/webpage/WEB-INF/src/i18n.txt file to the customize/resources folder.
  2. Edit customize/resources/i18n.txt.Immediately after installation, it is as follows.
  3. Add a line in key-value format.If you add '#' to the first character, it is regarded as a comment.Logon form choices are displayed in this order.
    # コメントです。
  4. Build.In the future, the contents of customize/resources/i18n.txt will be reflected in the application.