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I will explain how to correct messages (including error messages) prepared by Wagby as standard. You can also apply this method to internationalize messages. We can handle many languages ​​including Japan and the UK.

Change messages

The message provided by Wagby is a text format file called a resource.By editing this you can change the standard message.


Furthermore, by copying this resource file and translating it to national language version, internationalization correspondence can be attempted.

Figure 1 Switching resource files for internationalization
"Ja", "en", etc. contained in the resource file name are called language code.This is specified in ISO-639.(See the Wikipedia page.)
(1) Edit resource file
I will explain how to edit the standard resource file. You can change screen messages and error messages.
(2) Internationalization
Developers can develop internationalized applications by preparing resource files for each country.
(3) Select language
Users can select the language to use in several ways.