I will explain how to download model data and upload update method.

Prepare download and upload update screens

In this example, we add CSV download function (data) and CSV upload update function to "customer" model. Transit to "Screen" setting.

Figure 1 Definition of customer model

Activate "download screen".Leave the default value for the download setting.

Figure 2 Activating download screen

Activate "Upload update screen".Leave the default upload update settings.

Figure 3 Enabling upload update screen

The download and update upload buttons have been added to the menu.

Figure 4 Menu added

To make it easier to distinguish on the screen, it is a good idea to change the background color.

Fig. 5 Change background color

Menu is added when building.First I will try "customer download".

Figure 6 Customer download and customer upload update button

As shown in Figure 8, you can narrow down by search criteria. Here, with no data being registered, try pressing the download button.

Figure 7 Search condition input and download button

The following rules determine the download file name.

Figure 8 Downloaded file

Try to open it with a text editor.Even if there is no data, you can see that it contains a line called a header.The item name is enclosed in double quotes.

Figure 9 Files Containing Only Header Lines

Suppose that you have registered two data in advance.Then it becomes the contents as shown in Fig.The second and subsequent lines are data, which also shows that each value is enclosed in double quotes.

Fig. 10 File when data was included

Let's modify the file in Figure 10.An example of sending this file to Wagby and updating it is shown below.

Figure 11 Changing the contents of a file

Select "Update customer upload" from the menu.Press the "Select file" button and specify the file shown in Figure 12.Then the file is confirmed as shown in Fig.

Figure 12 Select file button
Figure 13 Selecting a file
Browsers such as Google Chrome can also drag and drop files onto the "Select files" button.

Click the "Send update file" button.Then the screen will look like Figure 14.

Figure 14 Updating process in progress

At the appropriate timing, press the "Refresh this screen" button.When the process is completed, the screen shown in Fig. 15 will be displayed.

Fig. 15 Upload update processing has ended
Display item Description
Number of processed rows It is a line included in the file.Including header lines are also counted.
sign up Displays the number of newly added lines (data).
update Displays the number of updated rows (data).
Delete Displays the number of rows (data) deleted.
error Displays the number of lines (data) in which processing failed.You can check the details by clicking the link "download error processing result".

I will check the data.You can see that it is updated according to the contents of the file.

Figure 16 Data updated

The CSV file handled by Wagby conforms to the following specifications.