You can prepare the download as a job. Periodic file download processing is realized. R7.10

Apart from doing the download process manually from the screen, it can be executed as a time designated job.

Prepare the file to be downloaded in a path accessible from "Production Operation Server".

Activate "Create download job" in "Screen> Download> Download job".In addition, describe this job in "explanatory note".

Fig. 1 Preparing jobs
The format of the download file is the method specified in "Download setting> Download file type".Since it is "CSV" in Figure 1, it is output in CSV file format.If you select "Excel (xls)" here, download jobs are also output in Excel file format.

Prepare jobadmin account

"Support> Administrator Guide (R7)> Preparation: Enable job execution accountPlease prepare the jobadmin account according to the procedure of ".

As for the jobadmin account, please give authority (principal) to operate the target model.If you do not have permission, upload update job will fail.

Set download job

To handle Wagby's job for the first time, please read "Support> Administrator Guide (R7)> Job Management".Here, we will explain how to use jobs concretely.

  1. Log on with an account with administrator privileges.
  2. Open the "Job Management" "Job Schedule Search" screen from the menu.
  3. Click the "Register Screen" button to register a new job schedule.
  4. Select "Download + Model ID + Job" from the job name.An explanatory text entered in Designer is displayed in the explanation column below that.
  5. In the job parameter, write the command you want to execute.[To be described later]
  6. Specify scheduleTo do.
  7. Check the "valid" flag.
  8. Enter the account and password of the administrator who will execute this job.It is good to use jobadmin prepared earlier.
  9. Register the job schedule.The command will be executed at the specified time.
Figure 2 Creating download job
Figure 3 Setting Download Job Parameters

Specify all the control related to this job as a job parameter.

Parameter name Description Description example
outputfilename File name to save.The storage destination is the production operation server.
If not specified, it is output to the wagbyapp \ temp folder with the file name download_xxx.csv.(Xxx is a random character string.)
csv_encoding Specify character encoding for csv, tsv format.If not specified, it becomes standard operation. utf-8
outputmode If the model has repeating items or repeating containers, you can specify whether or not to include them.
[reference: Rule on repetition items/treatment of repeated container items]
All - All
Main - all without repetitive containers
Modelitem_ [item name] - repeat item or repeat container only
fileext Specify it when "Specify at runtime" is set for the download file type. csv

You can temporarily disable the job.

  1. Log on with an account with administrator privileges.
  2. Open the "Job" "Job Schedule Search" screen from the menu.
  3. Search the applicable "Job Schedule" and open the maintenance screen.
  4. Uncheck the "Enabled" flag and save it.
    Figure 2 Disable Job

You can send the job execution result by e-mail.

Multiple job execution can not be performed.

If you make a job start every minute, if execution of this job is not completed in 1 minute, a new job will not be executed.

Instead of specifying time, you can also run this job now. Please read "Job Immediate Execution".

  • If there is no folder corresponding to the file name specified in outputfilename, an error will result.
  • It is not possible to include the date and time and item value in the file name specified in outputfilename.It becomes a fixed file name.
  • If the file specified in outputfilename already exists, it will be overwritten.
  • It is not possible to specify the search conditions for downloading.All of them will be downloaded.