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You can exchange data (output and input) with files in CSV format, TSV format and Excel format.

You can exchange data with CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, TSV (Tab Separated Values) format, and Excel format files.

(1) Basic usage
I will explain how to download model data and upload update method.
(2) Download
I will explain the download function in detail.
(3) Specify download items at runtime
The "download" function prepared for "List display (Grid usage)" can specify the download item at the time of execution.
(4) Upload update
This function is assumed to be used together with the download function . Edit the file output by downloading and upload it to perform batch update processing.
(5) Upload update (repeating items and repeating containers)
Describe the points for handling repetitive items and repeating containers in upload update.
(6) Upload update (file type item)
You can upload file type items collectively and update them.
(7) Call up the script on upload update
You can call the script at the timing of upload update processing.
(8) Download job
You can prepare the download as a job. Periodic file download processing is realized.
(9) Upload update job
Upload update can be prepared as a job. Regular upload update processing is realized.