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For numeric and date type items, you can specify a constraint condition such that the value of one item is "bigger" or "smaller" than the value of another item (in the same model).

Figure 1 specifies the constraint that for two date type items "introduction date" and "meeting day", "meeting date" must be the same as or later than "introduction date" Here is an example. If you enter a date earlier than "Referral Date" for "Interview Date", an error message will be displayed.

Compare the values ​​of Figure 1 item
Other items comparison check is not done in real time.After the save button is pressed, it is checked on the server side.

In the model definition, prepare two items to be compared, "introduction date" and "meeting date".

Figure 2 Definition of introduction date and visitation date

In the detail item definition dialog of the model item, specify the ID of another item (to be compared) and the comparison condition in the field of other item comparison check.

Figure 3 Specify ID and condition of other items
Items to be compared must have the same type.(Numeric and numeric types, or date and date types)

The comparison conditions that can be specified are as follows.

  • that's all
  • Less than
  • Greater than
  • Less than
  • equal
  • Not equal

Warning will be displayed, but if you set the setting that you do not disturb the registration itself by pressing the save button here, specify "(warning)" option from the list box on the right side of the input column.

Figure 4 Specifying warnings
  • When the type of item is model reference (check box), only one of 'equal' and 'equal (warning)' can be specified.
  • This check is performed on the server side at the timing of pressing the button such as "Save".
  • The input item that caused an error has a background of red.This applies to text boxes or date/time list boxes.
  • It is not possible to check inputs for items that are not input targets.Specifically, it is an item which is obtained by calculation formulas, read-only item, reference linking item.

The repository key is model/modelitem/consistency.