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You can specify a character string (prohibited character string) that does not allow registration.

An example of specifying a cellular mail address as a forbidden character string.

Figure 1 Example where mobile email address is prohibited
Prohibited character string checking is not done in real time.After the save button is pressed, it is checked on the server side.

Detailed definition of model item "Input check", in the column of prohibited character stringRegular expressionSpecify.

Figure 2 Specification of forbidden character string

Here, "\\" (half-width character) is an escape process for interpreting the next character "." As a period character instead of a regular expression.
I will introduce sites describing Java regular expressions.

Interpretation of forbidden character string

Prohibited character string check is to set the entire character string for which registration/update is prohibited.
For example, if "&" is set in the same setting field, you can not register "&" only for that item, but you can register characters like "A & B & C".
If you want to prohibit the registration of a character including "&", please set it as follows in the regular expression.


Setting for prohibiting inclusion of a certain character

An example of prohibiting input including the following characters is explained.

  • &
  • $
  • "

To prohibit the registration of a character string including these three characters, please set it as follows in the regular expression.


To specify multiple prohibited character strings, enumerate each regular expression by comma.

Figure 3 Specifying multiple prohibited character strings

Warning is displayed, but when you make setting that you do not disturb the registration itself by pressing the save button here, specify "warning" from the list box on the right side of the input field.(When it is blank, you can not register if an error occurs.)

Figure 4 Specifying warnings
Warning designation does not work on the list update screen (including parent child model simultaneous update screen).

Regular expression does not work

Please check whether an error is output to the runtime log (logs/system.log) of the Wagby application you built.If a character string such as "illegal syntax pattern" is included here, there is an error in the expression.

  • This check is performed on the server side at the timing of pressing the button such as "Save".
  • The input item that caused an error has a background of red.This applies to text boxes or date/time list boxes.
  • It is not possible to check inputs for items that are not input targets.Specifically, it is an item which is obtained by calculation formulas, read-only item, reference linking item.

The repository key is model/modelitem/notequal.