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You can specify the behavior when pressing the Enter key in the input field.

The handling of the Enter key can be specified from 3 types.

Figure 1 Specifying the behavior of the Enter key
(Not set)Does not move the focus.Same as "ignore".
ignoreDoes not move the focus.
Tab key treatmentMove the focus to another text box, button, etc.
Button pressPerform the same action (submit) as pressing "save" button.

When manually entering data with the keyboard, setting the items other than the last to "tab key treatment" and the last item to "button press" eliminates the need to press the "Save" button with the mouse and quickly registers data I can.

  • It does not work with "text area" "file" type.
  • Buttons prepared for each item such as "Clear" and "Calendar" buttons will be treated as pushed.
  • Behavior may be different depending on your browser.

The repository key is presentation/displayitem/@enterKeyAction.