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If you set the input field as read-only item, you can not enter it on the registration/update screen.

Opens the advanced setting item of model item.Check the read only item setting field of "Hidden/Read only" prepared in "Input control> common" field.It can be specified finely for each screen function of update system.

Figure 1 Setting reading items

If "Full Screen" is set, other screen settings will be invalid.(All screens are read-only.)


This setting is not linked with "Authentication/Authorization".It is unconditionally read only for all users.

You can also control whether it is read-only by permissions. Please read "Authorization/Authorization> update authority (Update permission or browsing only)" on a per item basis.

Search condition

When this setting is applied to the item which becomes the search condition, the value is displayed on the screen of the search condition part, but it can not be used as the search condition value. It is effective when displaying the value of the reference linkage item as a reference (to the search condition part).

The repository key of read-only item (full screen) is presentation/displayitem/@readonly.

The repository key of the read-only item (registration screen) is presentation/displayitem/@readonly_insert.

The repository key of the read-only item (update screen) is presentation/displayitem/@readonly_update.

The repository key of the read-only item (copy registration screen) is presentation/displayitem/@readonly_copy.

The repository key of the read-only item (list update screen) is presentation/displayitem/@readonly_updatelist.

The repository key for a read-only item (when updating with the parent model at the same time) is presentation/displayitem/@readonly_updatelistInParent.