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Describe the input control function provided by Wagby.

Various input support functions according to type are prepared.

(1) Maximum input characters
This section explains how to specify the maximum number of input characters for input items.
(2) Input field length
Explain how to specify the input field length.
(3) Hidden items (registration/update)
If you designate the input field as a hidden item, it will not be visible from the screen.
(4) Read-only item
If you set the input field as read-only item, you can not enter it on the registration/update screen.
(5) Do not display initial values ​​of date/numeric value
You can hide the number 0 and the system time (January 1, 1970).
(6) Handling of Enter key
You can specify the behavior when pressing the Enter key in the input field.
(7) IME control
Initial setting of IME control (Japanese input) can be done for each item.
(8) Copy the value of another item
The entered value can be automatically copied to another item.
(9) Treat different items as a group and copy the values ​​collectively
At the timing when you press any button, you can copy the values ​​of multiple items at once.
(10) Input control by value of other items
When an item reaches the value set, it makes it possible to enter the corresponding item or disallow input.
(11) Style specification of input field
You can specify the style in the input field and the area surrounding it.
(12) Provide descriptive text before and after the input field
You can specify a character string to be displayed before and after the input field. It also becomes effective on the display screen.
(13) Control of display position of input field
You can select the horizontal position of the entry field from the left, center, right alignment. You can select the vertical position from up, center, and bottom. You can select the position from the left or right justified.
(14) [Example] Prepare input fields in units of one million yen
Here is an example of preparing input fields in units of 1 million yen by combining hidden item setting, descriptive text setting before and after the input field, input field length setting.