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Here is an example of adding a mail address item to the juser model.

Figure 1 shows an example of adding "mail address" item to the juser model.

Figure 1 juser model with mail address item added

On the detail screen,The mail address part is a link.

Figure 2 Detailed screen of juser model

Here is an example of preparing the "mail address" item directly under the "Account" item.Check the position you want to insert and choose New from the gear icon.(FIGS. 3 and 4)

Figure 3 Check where you want to insert
Figure 4 Select "New" from the gear icon

An input field is prepared.(Figure 5) We will uncheck it manually here.

By default, the check state is maintained.This is to realize a continuous new operation.

Figure 5 Input fields for new items are prepared

We prepared a "mail address" item.The item ID is "mailaddress".Enable search and list respectively.

Figure 6 Preparing mail address items

The "mail address" item is a character string type, but you have attached the mail address attribute.

Figure 7 Attach an attribute to a mail address
Changing the juser model changes the table structure.If the Wagby application was started before the build, stop it before building.